The FFB wishes to respond on allegations of a ‘rigged election’

The Football Federation of Belize has been informed of the Press Conference and the serious allegations of a ‘rigged election’ as relayed by Mr. Sergio Chuc and wishes to respond as follows:-

1. Upon Mr. Chuc submitting his name for the post of President of the Federation on 12th May 2017, information that was passed onto the General Secretary as to allegations of some serious misconduct on Mr. Chuc’s part and potential interference with a fair and even election was then sent to the Electoral Committee who under their statute had the power to determine the eligibility and fitness of any candidate.

2. The Electoral Committee had the benefit of reviewing all documents presented to it for the purpose of determining the applicant’s eligibility. Mr. Chuc is being intentionally misleading as to the exact wording of the letter from the Disciplinary Committee and we intend to relay exactly what had transpired.

The letter as relied on by Mr. Chuc from the Disciplinary committee was very clear in its wording for 2 reasons:

a. At the time the Disciplinary committee had met, Mr. Chuc was not a member of FFB and additionally had not at that point submitted his candidacy and therefore the Disciplinary Committee would not have had any jurisdiction over him to render any discipline; and

b. The disciplinary committee was asked to deal with the issue of other members of the Football Federation whom they had jurisdiction over.

To confirm this point, the decision of the Disciplinary committee as it related to Mr. Chuc stated verbatim:

“1….The committee accepts that an investigation was carried out on Sergio Chuc by the secretariat, however the Committee concludes unanimously

that the actual request required that an investigation be carried out on the chairpersons and not Sergio Chuc as they are the members of FIFA as described in the code. The Disciplinary Committee has no jurisdiction or cannot properly be moved to act unless upon a specific request for an investigation, the investigation is conducted, evidence is gathered to substantiate the allegations and a charge is laid.

2. `It is further unanimous conclusion of the Committee that by virtue of Article 2 of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee 2011, Sergio Chuc was not a prescribed person as covered by Article 2 at the time the allegation was made.”

As a result of these statements, the issue was then ‘put to bed’ as it was clear the Disciplinary committee could not at that point render any decision as it relates to Mr. Chuc who was not a member. The fact that the letter stated there wasn’t an iota of evidence meant they could not investigate the issue and furthermore as stated, all evidence of wrongdoing by the potential applicant had not in any event been presented to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Electoral Committee then made its decision on May 25, 2017 in compliance with their statute and the time line and the decision was relayed to Mr. Chuc. Not being satisfied and knowing of the appeal process, Mr. Chuc appealed the decision of the Electoral Committee to the Appeals Committee through his Attorney Mr. Danilczyk and a very detailed response was provided to him setting out the reasons why the decision of the Electoral Committee would stand.

Factoring all this, we are unclear as to the allegations of a rigged election as at all times the decisions in relation to eligibility to run were dealt with by the appropriate committees who are all made up of elected members separate and apart from the Executive Members. It is unfortunate that Mr. Chuc has sought the public’s sympathy in aiding his cause but in order to move football from where it has been in Belize, there must be changes and respect for the various rules and regulations.

The Annual Congress of the FFB is set for June 24, 2017 and listed on the Agenda is election for President and Vice President among other items. Should the members of FFB on the inaccurate portrayal of events from Mr. Chuc choose to boycott the Congress, this is indeed unfortunate and it again shows that FOOTBALL itself will never be able to advance in Belize where there are flagrant disregard for rule and regulations. FFB is bound to call its Annual Congress and will do so in conformity with the rules and Statutes or it faces great sanctions such as possible suspension from FIFA which is the main source of its income to upkeep football playing in Belize.

It is the hope of the current executive that upon the full complement of the Executive being put in place that significant changes will be made in order to move football forward. However in order to make this come to fruition it takes commitment and participation from all those involved and the willingness to adhere to rules and make the hard decisions where necessary.



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