Sergio Chuc President FFB New Year’s Message

As we say goodbye to 2017 and also take time to wish a hearty welcome to 2018, we look forward with a high level of anticipation to the future. This is primarily because most obstacles that prevented us from moving forward have  been removed and remain only memories and lessons learnt, while at the same time the efforts of the caretakers have cleared the way for a new series of challenges to move football forward for the benefit of all football fans, players, coaches and officials.

Today our vision goes beyond 2018 when the World Cup will be celebrated in Russia, especially since our vision has to embrace World Cups of 2022, 2026 and even 2030. This is largely because our youth who are presently part of the lower end of the U series, will now start to prepare so that in 5-10 years they can be ready to compete in the international arena.

In order to accomplish this, we already have the plans in place as a part of our Contract of Agreed Objectives with FIFA to carry out the following key activities over 2018 and beyond. These include: 1. Capacity Building, 2. Youth Competitions, 3. Infrastructure maintenance and construction, 4. Various other projects, too numerous to mention, all with the intention to allow the sport to progressively grow to a level of maturity and take its real role in the regional and international arena. I cannot get into too many details at this point, but I can assure you that with the confidence given in my Presidency on December 2, 2017, I have accepted the mandate and am prepared to work with my team and also with your support to make this dream happen.

I wish to say thank you for all the support given to me and the Federation in 2017, and take this opportunity to wish one and all a happy and prosperous 2018 and beyond.

Thank you.

Sergio Chuc