FFB Introduces 4-year football program to Congress

The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) held its first meeting with members of Congress for the presentation of the 4-year plan for football for Belize. The session was opened by President Sergio Chuc who welcomed all members and introduced the new Technical Director Phillip Marin.

Mr. Marin became the Technical Director with effect from February 1, 2018. Mr. Marin was also named Ambassador of the International Coaching Course (ITK) in January of this year. This course is supported and sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office, Germany.

Mr. Marin introduced program plans for:

  1. Grassroots
  2. Youth football
  3. Women’s football
  4. Futsal and beach soccer
  5. Coaching Education

Mr. Marin also introduced the names of the persons heading these programs who are listed below

  1. Grassroots – Stanley Reneau
  2. Youth Football – Luis Pena
  3. Women’s Football – Iris Centeno
  4. Futsal and Beach Soccer – Joshua Rivera.
  5. Coaching Education – Phillip Marin.