FFB Executives Charting the Roadmap for 2018 and Beyond

The President of the Football Federation of Belize met with his executive members, management team and two members of FIFA on Thursday January 11, 2018 to continue the planning of the activities that account for the Contract of Agreed Objectives.

Various of the documents completed were signed by the President and members of the FIFA team.


This meeting was followed up on Saturday January 13, 2018 with managers and pertinent executives who continued to work on the budget and other project plans.

The Federation is committed to the development of football in Belize and is continuing to work closely with FIFA and others to ensure that the goals and objectives set are achieved.

It is expected that the results of these critical and important meetings will bear fruit once the final approval is given by FIFA. We expect this should be as early as the beginning of the second quarter of 2018.



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