Federation Expresses Umbrage at Player Attack Against Referee

The Football Federation of Belize is aware of an unfortunate incident that took place after the Over 40 match between Belize City’s Kulture Yabra and San Pedro Veterans on Sunday August 20, 2017 at the MCC Grounds whereby Kulture Yabra’s Defender Mike Diaz assaulted Referee Patrick Robinson.

The blow was so severe and violent that Mr. Robinson’s jaw was broken in two locations and will require immediate surgery to the tune of $8,000.

The FFB assures the public that Mr. Diaz and any other player or official that resort to this type of behaviour will be punished to the full extent of the Disciplinary Code that governs our sport and where possible provide guidance to the aggrieved individual if it is their intention to pursue legal action against the aggressor.

This type of behaviour cannot and will not be condoned or tolerated by the Football Federation of Belize.

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