U-21 Players who are to return for training on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 are listed below


The Belize National U-21 Male Selection will be participating in the Central American Games which will be held in Nicaragua on December 6-15, 2017. The selection process commenced October 27, 2017.

Training will be held on weekends from Friday – Sunday and full camp one week before their departure to Nicaragua. Below are the list of players who are to return for training on Friday November 3, 2017.

1. Kendale Nunez
2. Ainsleigh Perez
3. Rayjan Jones
4. Dale Pelayo
5. Sammy Sosa
6. Davis Marshall
7. Devin Nunez
8. Marlom Garcia
9. Dorwin Logan
10. Rene Leslie
11. Jaren Lambey
12. Yusef Guerra
13. Norman Anderson
14. Alexander Scott
15. Eugene Martinez
16. Camilo Sanchez
17. Elston Augustin
18. Trymayne Harris
19. Krisean Lopez
20. Latrell Middleton
21. Donell Arzu
22. Kyle Thomas
23. Wayne Cadle
24. Leandre Alvarez
25. Carlos Gonzalez

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