Belize – Netherlands (KNVB) World Coaches Course

The Football Federation of Belize in collaboration with the Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) is having an Introductory Coaching Course for Secondary School Teachers at the FFB Facility in Belmopan. The course started on Sunday 27 May and will conclude Thursday 31st May 2018.

The objective of the course is to educate the ‘World Coaches’ so that they will in turn be able to utilize and share this vast information on football strategies and techniques and social issues to the younger generation and future ‘World Coaches’ within their particular communities.

In addition to training in football strategies and techniques, the coaches will also be educated on social skills. This life skills section of the  course provides the ‘World Coaches’ with  practical tools which will enable them to raise awareness on substantial  and  pressing local issues such as health, crime and the positioning of girls and women within our communities.

The course is being facilitated by Netherlands Instructors Jan Derks and Stanley Menzo.

List of Participants:

No School Surname Full Name Gender
1 University of Belize Aleman Jose Male
2 Ladyville Technical High School Awayo Arisceldo Male
3 San Pedro High School Bent Elshaddai Male
4 Westley College Cadogan Hiram Male
5 Mopan Technical High School Coleman Denton Male
6 Mount Carmen High School Coleman Edwardito Male
7 Corozal Community College Cruz Ehsan Male
8 Belize Christain Academy Divas Darwin Male
9 Ocean Academy Ek Diyan Male
10 University of Belize Gamboa Jhawn Male
11 Orange Technical High School Gomez Baldemar Male
12 Georgetown Technical High School Gonzalez Steven Male
13 Sacred Heart Junior College Herrera Luis Male
14 Julian Cho Technical High School Ico Reinaldo Male
15 Santa Elena Primary School Jones Felipa Female
16 Maud Williams High School Lamb Lynden Male
17 Escuela Secundaria Mexico Marin Eric Male
18 St. Johns College Morrison Davion Male
19 Sadie Vernon Technical High School Novelo Menalio Male
20 Delille Academy Palacio Gilbert Male
21 Nazarene High School Pat Jafet Male
22 Corazon Creek Technical High School Pott Elmer Male
23 Sacred Heart College Silva Trisha Female
24 University of Belize Waight Joseph Male
25 Belmopan Comprehensive School Wiltshire Oliver Male

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