FFB Extraordinary Congress Approved Documents

For the first time in history FFB is opening itself to the public by sharing information as it becomes available. FFB under its present leadership, strongly upholds the general principle of good governance through a high degree of accountability and transparency.

This move in coordination with previous efforts on Social Media which commenced in 2016, is intended to engage all stakeholders as FFB moves to develop its strategies leading up to the World Cup set for 2022, 2026, and 2030 but beginning with 2017.

Over the past year work commenced on opening the communication channels with all stakeholders, primarily football fans all over the country. As a result of the effort FFB has over 12,000 active fans on Facebook. This effort allowed FFB to engage its stakeholders in all aspects of football especially before and during international tournaments as the passion for the game elevated. In the latter part of the first quarter of 2017, the website was reactivated which allowed for more permanent posts on events and activities in general to be shared with the general public. In the second quarter the Twitter account was also reactivated and is now active.

The objective of the increased communication through the digital media platform and other media is intended to engage all stakeholders to get their viewpoints as the growth and development process continues through 2017 and beyond.
This year, with the successful completion of the recent Extra Ordinary Congress, we are for the first time sharing the Audited Financial Statement for the year ending December 2016, the Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (Contract of Agreed Objectives) as required by FIFA and the Activity Report for 2016/2017.

Major changes in strategy are in the making for the benefit of all stakeholders especially the reduction of some administrative costs and reallocation of these funds to areas that directly benefit those engaged in the sport. The process has already begun with significant changes of some key staff positions as well as reduction on non-essential areas.

More info to follow. Keep tuned.

To download click on the Main Menu Item “About the FFB” and click on the Extraordinary Congress link.

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