2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final: USA vs. Jamaica

The final Gold Cup game between the United States and Jamaica will be played on Wednesday July 26, at 6:30 pm PST , 9:30 EST and 7:30pm local time at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California and all football fans from the Caribbean and the Americas will be glued to their TV’s to see the outcome of the game.
Based on the response on the win of Jamaica over Mexico, there is no doubt that we will be rooting for the underdog.
There are many lessons for all of us from these small countries who recognize that while size matters, even small countries can field teams for these big events. A week ago there were 8, then over the weekend there were 4 and finally there are 2. The mighty US, though a relative newcomer to soccer, is still a big player compared to Jamaica.
Let the best team win. The lesson though is that for Belize to participate in the international scene and place in some prominent position, the game does not start with the Federation, but rather it starts in the communities, schools, villages, towns, through the participation of parents, youth sport enthusiasts, sponsors, principals, teachers, government, and many others.
The Mundialito that is taking place all over the country supported by great people in the trenches, is an example of where it starts, however consistency, persistence, social awareness and many other values are what will lead to a win in the future for Belize.
Remember Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Gold Cup Finals, USA vs Jamaica at 7:30 EST or 5:30 Belize time. See you there.
Photo Source: CONCACAF

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